Coca Cola & Knaap Bikes collaborate in cool partnership.

Knaap Bikes is pleased to announce its collaboration with Coca Cola to launch the new Coke Energy drink in the Netherlands.

This cool collaboration hit the streets of all major cities nationwide, giving passersby the chance to try the new drink, while also admiring the Coke Energy brand’s Knaap Bikes that were on display as part of the eye-catching pop-up areas featuring the brand. The perfect way to showcase the new soft drink and get everyone talking.

The street marketing campaign ran over a 10-week period, visited all cities and launched the new drink to more than thousands of customers. Customers not only got their hands on the new Coke Energy drink, but also had the exciting opportunity to win a Knaap Bike when they purchased a pack of Coke Energy of 4 or 6. do more of what you love!

Noel Dingeman said;

“Super happy with my Coca Cola Knaap Bike. What a fantastic riding experience”.

Knaap Bikes are quickly profiling themselves as the coolest e-bike in the world. Collaborating with one of the world’s proud brands is therefore something that founder Robin Cats is huge on.

Founder, Robin Cats said:

“Knaap Bikes is a grassroots brand, therefore to be asked so early in our history to collaborate with and receive recognition from one of the world’s most famous brands is not something to be taken lightly. It’s really great to work with such a well-known name and we hope to work with them more often in the future.”

Knaap Bikes is proud to be a creative force when working towards the ambitions of the brands they work with. From creating fully branded bikes for marketing promotions to creating a branded fleet of bikes for sales teams, no job is too “out there!”

Robin Cats continues;

“The design of the Knaap Bike is really eye-catching and provides an incredibly cool canvas for brands to make their mark, while also having their customers and employees talking about them long after the event or meeting!”

In addition to creating the Coke Energy branded bikes, the Knaap Bikes team has also created a fleet of branded bikes to ensure that sales teams make a great first impression. They have created custom designs for famous sports stars and love nothing more than working with brands to help them achieve their creative ambitions. With such a successful campaign with the world’s biggest brand in their stride, it’s not hard to see why brands and companies are lining up to work with Knaap Bikes.