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The world of electric bicycles is evolving tremendously. In 2019, more electric bikes were sold than traditional bikes. In all that electric bike violence, a new brand has now emerged that manages to combine all the advantages into an insane model!

Best of both worlds

Add adventure to your everyday with the Knaap Bikes AMS, guaranteed to kick your urban travel up a gear and revolutionise your ride.

Knaap Bikes are a Dutch e-bike brand cornering the market of cool with a bike that turns heads and starts conversations wherever it cruises. Standing out from the crowd with its urban design and unique two-seater base, the Knaap Bike AMS provides a one-of-a kind ride, roomy enough for two. Complementing the bikes stand-out design is the well thought out spec providing the power to reachup to 25 km/h and the freedom to cruise 140 kms in one charge, without the need for a license.

Oh yes!

Let’s also mention that it is of course much better for the environment. The KNAAP gives no emissions and is therefore a clean way to cover large distances! Furthermore, we find the KNAAP with it’s tough looks just plain rock & roll!

Knaap Bike FAQ’s

Yes, the bike comes with a 2-year warranty (battery, frame, control system, motor anddisplay). Wearable parts such astyres, brakes and accident repairs are not included under the warranty.

As a Dutch product we are well aware of rain. Therefore, we made the Knaap Bikes fully rain sustainable!

The weight limit is 180KG and can seat two adults

The Knaap Bikes AMS comes with a 21 AH Samsung lithium-ion battery.

Knaap Bikes AMS come with a battery charged to around 50%. So ride it empty the first time and then do a full charge after.

Depending on the electrical motor gearyou use, you can ride up to 140 KM (position 1). When inpower position 5 (fastest gear) you will be able to ride up to 60 KM per charge.

Yes, the Knaap Bikes AMS Samsung battery is removable.

Yes, the Knaap Bikes has a rear light integrated in the battery keeping you safe and visible whilst out on the bike.

Not on the standard version. However, we do have an accessory that can be purchased at an extra charge that enables the saddle to be adjusted.

Feel free,
move free

Enjoy the feeling of freedom, that is the feeling that
we want to capture in our products.